Toad for Cloud Databases

Toad for Cloud Databases 1.6

It helps you generate queries, migrate, browse and edit data (See all)

Toad™ for Cloud Databases provides a SQL-based interface that makes it simple for you to generate queries, migrate, browse, and edit data, as well as create reports and tables in a familiar SQL view. With Toad for Cloud Databases, it’s easy to load and export data from cloud databases to a variety of external data sources, including RDBMS.

Main features:

- Puts ‘NoSQL’ databases within your reach — even if you’re an RDBMS developer or DBA
- Supports business decision making with fast access to cloud data
- Supports ANSI-standard SQL issued against cloud datasets
- Speeds accurate query generation through the query builder
- Lets you browse data and edit in-place
- Helps you create “tables” or their logical equivalent
- Supports DML SQL (UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE statements)

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